Madagascar’s Mismanaged Environment

By Bruno Salomon Ramamonjisoa Madagascar is a landmass with an abundance of biodiversity and a high percentage of endemic plant and animal life. Eighty-five percent of flowers, 39 percent of birds, 91 percent of reptiles, 99 percent of amphibians, and 100 percent of lemurs are native to the island. Despite its richness in natural resources, Madagascar faces m...
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Illegal Fishing in the Shadow of Piracy

By Yusuf Abdilahi Gulled Extensive illegal fishing by foreign vessels in Somali waters threatens economic development in the Horn of Africa. Somali fishermen are unable to compete because the foreign fishers are better equipped and better skilled. Some Somalis believe that the only way to protect their resources and make a living is by committing piracy. Piracy slow...
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