Armed Groups and Mineral Extraction in the DRC

By Washikala Malango  As armed groups are the main perpetrators of the ongoing violence in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, many actors working in the country have started critically looking into the factors that have contributed to these groups’ ability to continue operating regardless of concerted local, regional, and international efforts to d...
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Tanya Anderson on the cost of inaction in the fight against Ebola – The African Angle

Ebola: The Mounting Cost of Inaction September 16, 2014 - 9:01am | admin By  Tanya Anderson On December 6,  2013, the 2-year-old boy suspected to be “Patient Zero” in what is currently the world’s largest Ebola outbreak, was buried in a border town in Guinea. The toddler would be the index case for the West African Ebola outbreak, and his funeral the point ...
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