Nigeria’s 2015 Election

In 2015, Nigeria will hold what is expected to be its most closely contested election to date. But with a violent, large scale insurgency, accusations of corruption, declining oil prices, and now postponement of the election itself, how Nigeria will emerge from the contest is far from certain. Fireside’s “Nigeria Votes: 2015” election primer takes you through the key issues, players, and concerns defining the elections and gives you insight into what Nigeria’s post-election future might hold.

Fireside's "Eye-on-Elections: Nigeria" primer is available for download now.
Fireside’s “Eye-on-Elections: Nigeria” primer is available for download now.

In the report you will find analysis of:

  •  Profiles of key candidates and parties 
  •  The impact of the continuing Boko Haram insurgency
  •  Voting card distribution efforts
  •  The rise of the opposition 
  •  The impact of low oil prices
  •  MEND and continuing tensions in the Niger Delta

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As Africa’s largest economy and most populous country, what happens in Nigeria will undoubtedly have regional and global implications. Fireside will be providing additional analysis in the coming weeks including perspectives from the ground in Nigeria.

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