Fireside Hosts “Mo & Me” Screening at Tribeca Cinemas

Salim Amin (center) is joined by Chip Duncan (l) and Riz Khan at Fireside's presentation of "Mo & Me"
Salim Amin (center) is joined by Chip Duncan (l) and Riz Khan at Fireside’s presentation of “Mo & Me”


On September 17th, Fireside hosted a screening of the documentary film “Mo & Me” about legendary Kenyan photojournalist Mohamed “Mo” Amin. Produced and presented by Mohamed’s son, Salim, the documentary traces his father’s life from his childhood in Dar Es Salaam through his untimely death during an airline hijacking. For over 30 years, Amin presented the world with stunning images from the rapidly changing landscape of post-colonial Africa — from coups in Zanzibar and Ethiopia to the coronations of would-be kings. But he is perhaps best known for his coverage of the 1984 Ethiopian Famine, which along with the reporting of the BBC’s Michael Buerk motivated the massive humanitarian response that included Band Aid, Live Aid, and the We Are the World recording.

After the screening, Salim Amin, documentary filmmaker Chip Duncan, and presenter Riz Khan joined the audience for what a discussion of the filmmaking process, the changing nature of photojournalism, risks to practicing photojournalists, and the impact of Mo Amin’s work on the global view of Africa.

The screening was hosted at Tribeca Cinemas in New York City with support from the World Policy Institute.