Fireside Affiliate Juliet Kavishe discusses sustainable African design at Political Salon

IMAG1065-1On Thursday, May 16, Fireside Research and the World Policy Institute hosted Juliet Kavishe, a Namibia-based interior architect for a Political Salon on the role of African designs in sustainable agriculture. Held at the New School’s Center for Public Scholarship in New York, the Salon began with a brief presentation by Ms. Kavishe. Starting with different regional examples of the basic hut, Kavishe demonstrated how local ideas of construction and design can create environmentally efficient and functional structures while maintaining the owner’s unique aesthetic. Then, using examples of her own designs in Dakar, Cape Town, and Geneva Kavishe demonstrated how these principles can be incorporated in a variety of global styles and contexts, from the humble to the ornate. After the presentation the discussion, moderated by Fireside Director David Stevens,  addressed many issues surrounding the use and acceptance of African design – from the types of materials used, to the nature of architectural education and professional association throughout Africa- and touched on difficult questions of African perceptions of their own traditions.

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