African Research Platform (ARP)

A Platform for Collaborative Research

We understand that research is not a solitary pursuit.  That’s why Fireside has teamed up with the World Policy Institute’s Program for African Thought to launch the African Research Platform – a space where Fireside analysts and researchers from the WPI can publish their individual research and develop collaborative research projects with other analysts, members of the WPI community and other interested scholars and professionals in related fields. With analysts in over 18 countries throughout Africa, as well as in the US and Europe, ARP offers a unique opportunity for high level collaboration on meaningful research.

Leveraging Communications to Maximize Reach

PAT Logo (Transparent)Fireside and WPI provide technological, editorial, and marketing/media support to increase the visibility and reach of the ARP research, leveraging WPI’s communication platforms and large online audience for maximum impact. These efforts help reach the audiences who need to be aware of your work: from experts, business and policy leaders,  and civil society to the artists and creative thinkers, emerging leaders, and engaged citizens who, by virtue of their direct connection to the real life results and impacts of policy conversations have a crucial role to play.